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Feeling Bummed? This Bowhunter Shot and Missed Three Times

three misses

How’d you like time to make three archery shots at a mule deer, only to end up with three misses? This experienced bowhunter proves it can happen to anyone.

Aron Snyder of the Gritty Bowmen is an experienced bowhunter and a skilled archer. Yet when he had the opportunity to fill his mule deer tag, he came away with three misses… on the same deer.

I love this video. At a time when kill shots and downing the buck or bear are the norm, these guys go ahead and show a bowhunter – a skilled bowhunter at that – who misses. It says something about their lack of ego, their fidelity to the truth and their sense of humor.

It is pretty funny when Aron sits in the grass and bemoans his three misses. Of course he’s angry with himself, but he can’t help but smile at his misfortune, too.

“So far with the ol’ ‘struggle stick,’ I have not had that much struggle. I’ve hit pretty much what I’ve aimed at,” he recounts. But, he says, “I missed three times in one sitting today.”

First, he shot under the buck. Then he overshot.  Then he made a hurried shot, and he’s unsure of where it went. “And just to confirm that I suck, I missed it a third time right down there,” he laments. It happens to the best of us. That’s what makes archery so rewarding and satisfying when everything does line up and you score.

So he carves his first arrow from a log and carries on, sense of humor intact and a renewed appreciation for the ol’ struggle stick.

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Feeling Bummed? This Bowhunter Shot and Missed Three Times