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YouTube/Mr.Heang Update

Watch This Guy Create an Amazing Underground Home with a Swimming Pool

We just found your new underground home, but building it may just be more amazing than using it.

According to Mr. Heang, whose YouTube channel the video can be found on, it took him some 28-days to dig out and construct this incredible underground home with an included swimming pool.

Using only primitive tools and "ancient skills" you can watch Mr. Heang dig this amazing structure out of the jungle floor, and in between the giant trees of his home forest.

Only some of the very beginning stages of the dig are left out to make room for more of the intricate work, but we're willing to bet that he threw every single bit of that dirt out by hand as is shown in most of the video!

You won't believe what an incredible work and artistic ethic this man has until you watch the entire video. But after almost 62-million views you'll understand why everyone is talking about it. For all the peppers out there, here's how you really make an underground shelter:

It's almost beyond our capacity to believe what an insane work ethic this man has! It's only for our new-age minds and video that we get to see 28-days of work in 16-minutes.

That man has got to have some serious callouses on his hands!

Maybe the most amazing thing was when he made some natural concrete from the termite mound to apply to the walls and floor of the swimming pool. Or was it when he waterproofed it with the red clay? Who saw that coming??

It's not enough that this man has all the skill in the world to do these things, but he may just be one of the most physically fit human beings that we've ever come across. And all of it hidden beneath the jungle.

Oh yeah, and he filled the pool one clay jar at a time from the roof. Yeah, I'd say that we're impressed!

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