.50 cal

This is What Happens When You Take a .50 Cal to a Boat

Just in case you were wondering what a .50 cal does to a boat, these guys found out, and it's everything that you hoped for.

The fun-loving guys at Lunkers TV have decided to make our day by filming a little excursion they took to a private pond in the Lone Star State, and it involves plinking with some suppressed, semi-auto nine-mil ammo, pulling a Chevy out of the mud with a FORD, and yes, sinking a boat named "Ricky" with an open-sited .50 cal!

First off though, watch with glee as their sponsor World of Tanks, Mercenaries takes them on a small mission to blow things up and generally make us all smile. And if you enjoy a tank crushing some old scrap cars, then more's the fun!

Just so you know, Ricky isn't all that ready to die, so don't be surprised when it takes all that these guys have to do the job. How many rounds do you think it will take to send Ricky to his ultimate watery grave?

So the big surprise ending was that Ricky just couldn't be sunk. I guess the lesson learned is that styrofoam and aluminum are more powerful than nine-mil rounds and a .50 cal. That doesn't sound right, does it?

Maybe they should have run over it with one of the tanks!

Anytime that we can watch the .50 cal in action is good time spent, for our money. Having a good quality scope on that thing would be the best case scenario, but there's a good bucket list item for those with experience: blowing a boat out of the water with an open-sighted 50!

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