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8 of the Weirdest Custom Conversions of Common Guns [PICS]


Gun owners are constantly tweaking their weapons. Here are some the weirdest (and coolest) custom conversions we've seen.

Sometimes it's just not perfect when it comes out of the box. Here are guns that just needed some personal customization to become even better.

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Remington 870

The 870 has a reputation for reliability and it's inexpensive making it the perfect platform for custom conversions. Here's a couple of our favorites.

870 nbk wos


This powder blue 870 is equipped with a pistol grip and a vertical forend. This is the gun Juliette Lewis used in the movie Natural Born Killers.

870 bullpup wos



This 870 has been tricked out with a full duracoat of digital camo, a tube extension, a Magpul bull pup stock, a red dot sight, and a tactical light. Home invaders will head the other way when they see you coming with this thing.

Ruger 10/22

The 10/22 is another favorite among gun nuts and custom conversions like these are one of the reasons why.

10:22 tommy wos


A 10/22 Tommy gun? Yes, please.

10:22 bull pup wos


There's a 10/22 in there somewhere. We swear.

Mosin Nagant

The fact that over 37 million of these guns have been made since its introduction makes them cheap and perfect for the shade tree gunsmith looking to do some tinkering and tinker they have. Check out what these folks have done with their Mosin Nagants

nagant shorty wos


This is the shortest possible version of this infamously long gun.

nagant long range wos


This Mosin Nagant is set up for some long range shooting.

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Glock Pistols

Like the rest of these guns, Glock pistol are just fine the way they come from the factory, but some shooters looking for increased stability or firepower have felt the need to modify them. We have to admit these custom conversions are pretty cool.

glock carbine wos



This carbine stock helps you handle your Glock while the red dot sight ensures that you are always on target.

glock2 wos
Corsic Arms



This one is still in the prototype stage, but it is too cool not to see. The Never Empty Double Gun holds not one, but two Glocks and the sythetic stock makes aiming your Glocks a snap.

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8 of the Weirdest Custom Conversions of Common Guns [PICS]