Watch John Dudley Deliver a 105-Yard Tom Bomb

This gobbler thought he was out of range until John Dudley dropped a Tom Bomb from over a football field away.

Armed with a Hoyt bow, a Sure Loc bow sight, and a Tom Bomb tipped arrow, John Dudley shows off his archery skills and has a nice turkey to show for his efforts.

Watch the video to see why a bow is sometimes a more effective turkey hunting weapon than a shotgun.

Obviously, this type of shot is not something that all hunters should be attempting. However, John Dudley isn't just any old bowhunter. His list of competition wins include 2 IBO National championships along with countless other wins and top three finishes in top level archery competitions.

He's also racked up an impressive list of trophy animals over the years, and has had some seriously memorable moments in the field.

If you'll be chasing gobblers with a bow this spring, be sure to understand turkey anatomy and use the correct broadhead for your bow setup. When that gobbler you've been waiting for walks into your decoy spread, settle your pin and put him down for good.

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