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John Dudley Tells His Chilling Wolf Story

john dudley wolves

On an Alberta elk hunt, John Dudley finds himself surrounded by wolves.

What would you do if you were surrounded by wolves? John Dudley decided to take the game to the big predators and almost ran out of arrows in the process.

Watch the video to hear how this intense experience went down.

Talk about a crazy wolf encounter. Typically, when people talk about being surrounded by wolves, they’re several hundred yards away. This time, it sounds like the wolves were up close and personal and coming in looking to fight.

Dudley obviously has a great deal of confidence in his archery skills, deciding to shoot the wolf in face rather than back out of the situation. In the end, the wolf wised up at the very last minute.

So now who’s ready to go on an archery elk hunt in Alberta?

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John Dudley Tells His Chilling Wolf Story