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Understand Turkey Anatomy to Ensure Proper Arrow Placement

Bowhunting turkeys is the ultimate challenge. Understanding turkey anatomy will ensure that you make the shot count when a bird finally offers an opportunity.

Killing turkeys with a stick and string is one of the most difficult feats in the bowhunting world. The fact that these wary critters can be shot from any angle increases a bowhunter’s chance of success, but requires an intimate knowledge of turkey anatomy to ensure proper arrow placement.

Watch this short video to learn how to bag a gobbler with your bow.

As you can see in the video, a turkey is a lot of feathers wrapped around a small vital area.

After learning the ins and outs of turkey anatomy, the next question for a bowhunter is whether they will be taking head shots or body shots when they get an opportunity.

Head shots are decisive; either you kill the turkey or you miss. But body shots offer more opportunities for archers to get a shot at wary birds.

After choosing where you’ll shoot a turkey, given the chance, you’ll need to select a broadhead to match the method. For head shots, choose a super-wide cutting head like the Magnus Bullhead or the Gobbler Guillotine. For body shots, a wide cutting expandable will allow the largest room for error and open up arteries for trailing turkeys that don’t fall in sight.

Understanding turkey anatomy is important, however you choose to bowkill your turkey, but once you understand it, there’s nothing stopping you from arrowing a big old tom this spring.

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Understand Turkey Anatomy to Ensure Proper Arrow Placement