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How To Determine Arrow Placement for Bowhunting Turkeys [VIDEO]

Arrow placement is crucial for success when bowhunting turkeys. This video tells you exactly where to aim.

Bowhunting turkeys is the ultimate challenge. Doing it without a blind makes things even harder.

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Patrick Meiten has taken LOTS of turkeys with traditional and modern equipment, with and without a blind. Watch the video to learn some of his secrets for success.


That's easier than you thought, right? Draw an imaginary line from the turkey's thighs up and horizontally from his beard. Aim where the lines cross for perfect arrow placement.

Choose a wide cutting expandable broadhead to increase your margin of error.

Good calling, the perfect decoy spread, and an ideal set up will bring a gobbler into bow range. Make that opportunity count by learning turkey anatomy and making a good shot.

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How To Determine Arrow Placement for Bowhunting Turkeys [VIDEO]