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Bowhunting Turkeys in New Jersey: Opening Day Double

These hunters hit the spring woods with bows in hand and are rewarded with an opening day double.

After starting the day in a ground blind and taking one nice tom, these guys get mobile and harvest another big gobbler without the help of a blind.

Watch the video to see what it takes to take a big old gobbler down with a stick and string.

Hunting spring gobblers is challenging enough with a shotgun, but taking one (or two, in this case) of these wary birds with a bow is even more challenging. Take away the concealing capabilities of a pop-up ground blind and the level of difficulty goes through the roof.

If you are looking to duplicate these hunters’ opening day double, start preparing now by practicing your calls and shooting your bow. When the birds start hammering, you’ll be ready to call them to your lap and make a perfect shot to close the deal.

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Bowhunting Turkeys in New Jersey: Opening Day Double