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See Gobbler Guillotine Behead Some Turkeys in Slow Motion [VIDEO]

Gobbler Guillotine broadheads are absolutely devastating on turkeys.

These slow-motion kill shots are the proof.

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Warning: Graphic content


The final score comes to Gobbler Guillotine broadheads seven, turkeys zero.

Gobbler Guillotines are one of several turkey broadheads designed for headshots. The best part about these broadheads is that the shot is almost always a clean kill or a clean miss. Here are some ways to ensure success if you decide to use one of these heads.

1. Sight in Your Bow

Gobbler Guillotines have cutting diameters up to four inches. Take some practice shots and be sure your bow is shooting on target.

2. Get the Bird Close

With decoys and a ground blind it is not unheard of to get birds into 10 yards or less. The closer a bird is to the bow, the easier it will be to hit that wrinkly bobbing head.

3. Black Out

Use a ground blind with a black interior and wear black clothing including a shirt, facemask, and gloves. Set up so the sun is not shining into the blind’s windows and you’ll be virtually invisible.

Hunting turkeys with a bow is one of spring’s greatest challenges. Gobbler Guillotine broadheads may be just the edge you need to take a wary tom with the old stick and string.

Check them out today and be ready when turkey season opens.


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See Gobbler Guillotine Behead Some Turkeys in Slow Motion [VIDEO]