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Watch: Guy Takes a Leaping Asian Carp to the Head in Super-Slow Motion

Asian Carp

A leaping Asian carp to the face is even better in slow motion!

If you live anywhere near the Midwest or just love angling, no doubt you've heard about the Asian carp problems Illinois is having. This invasive species is highly destructive and wildlife agencies in multiple states are working hard to try and figure out a solution to the problem.

These fish have a habit of leaping going airborne behind moving boats and as a result, have also become the highlights of many a viral video.

If you've ever spent time on YouTube, no doubt you've seen video from the Slow Mo Guys. In this case, they took their cameras to Illinois to see the carp problem first-hand. They also managed to capture a particularly hilarious moment!

This video easily demonstrates why these fish are such a problem and why officials are so worried about them getting into the Great Lakes. Strangely enough, there is something that is hauntingly beautiful about all the footage they grabbed of these leaping carp too. Parts of the video don't even look real!

At least we got a good laugh out of the guy getting hit by the carp. And maybe this viral video helped raise a little bit more awareness about a pretty major problem in many American lakes and streams.

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Watch: Guy Takes a Leaping Asian Carp to the Head in Super-Slow Motion