Asian Carp Now Have 2 New Enemies: A Harvard Software Consultant and a Wall of Bubbles

'Carp Tank' contest winner Edem Tsikata just took home the $200,000 prize for his idea to stop Asian carp from entering Lake Michigan.

The Carp Tank contest—similar to the popular show Shark Tank—was the brainchild of Governor Rick Snyder as a way to generate ideas to create a better barrier to thwart the highly invasive Asian carp from reaching the Great Lakes.

Contest winner Edem Tsikata, a Harvard Medical School software consultant, came up with an idea that just may be as simple as it is effective.

According to a press release, Tsikata's system would create "a row of specially designed propellers to generate a wall of cavitation bubbles that implode and emit high-speed jets of water. The painful sensation of the bubbles along with the noise of the propellers would repel fish and prevent their passage beyond the bubble barrier."

Although there were three other proposals that won prize money, Tsikata took home a whopping $200,000 for the winning idea.

The suggestion was to place the system on the heavily infested Illinois River to halt the carp from reaching Lake Michigan.

Part of the reason for the contest was the resolve to stop the invasive species while fighting through the fact that the Trump administration has called for a 90% reduction in federal Great Lakes EPA funding, even though the Republican controlled House Appropriations Committee has led the fight to preserve the funding.

Many agree that it may be time to just turn them all into dog food.