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Alligator Gar Being Reintroduced to Kill Invasive Asian Carp

AP/Rogelio V. Solis

Once passed over as a 'trash fish', the alligator gar could now be the answer to ending the invasion of Asian carp.

As the Associated Press reported, the alligator gar was targeted by anglers for decades until finally, it was declared extinct in northern states almost 50 years ago.

Thriving near the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River's tributaries, however, the species has remained active in the southern U.S. It used to be known as a trash fish with its toothy, prehistoric grin.

The fish can grow to massive lengths and are now being further celebrated as the potential answer to the invasion of Asian carp. While it used to be considered a danger to other 'more valuable' sport fish, the alligator gar is now coming back into the fray.

The Great Lakes region is slowly but surely seeing a rise in Asian carp, and efforts to reintroduce the alligator gar are occurring in multiple states, from Tennessee to Illinois. Many are betting high that the predator fish will be able to take down the pesky Asian carp population.

Either way, it's about time this prehistoric giant species gets its day in the sun. Trash fish, no more!


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Alligator Gar Being Reintroduced to Kill Invasive Asian Carp