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5 Videos That Show the Asian Carp Population Is out of Control [VIDEO]

asian carp

Asian carp pose a serious threat to our water ecosystem, but these folks found a way to have fun with the pesky fish.

A new extreme water sport has emerged in the river systems of the midwest. Some call it "skarping," and it's pretty awesome.

Take a look at five of the most insane asian carp videos.

1. Peoria carp hunters mean serious business.

Peoria, Illinois is a hot spot for Asian carp, and these "skarpers" take full advantage. The Illinois River is flooded with the invasive species, which have become a real problem. These folks are thinning them out one at a time.

2. "Showtime" spears Asian carp in epic slow motion.

This video clip was featured in "Off the Hook: Extreme Catches." The title of the show certainly lives up to this clip, because it's pretty extreme.

3. Asian carp tubing.

This video boasts some extreme tubing. It is also from "Off the Hook: Extreme Catches." We can't get enough of this unique way of catching the invasive species.

4. The ultimate spear video.

This video is from the individuals who, arguably, found the new "skarping" extreme sport. Getting hit by an Asian carp while moving at high speeds definitely wouldn't feel good, so kudos to these folks.

5. When Asian carp attack.

This video doesn't include any extreme Asian carp fishing, but it does portray how dense the population is in certain waters. Maybe this video will inspire you to create your own method for getting the Asian carp population under control.

Asain carp are regarded as a highly invasive species in the U.S., capable of causing economic, ecological, and human health damage. At least these folks are finding a fun way to deal with them.

If you try to imitate any of these intense Asian carp videos, be careful. They can really pack a punch!

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5 Videos That Show the Asian Carp Population Is out of Control [VIDEO]