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Watch BlacktipH Use Electricity to Catch Monster Bass

Electrofishing is a very efficient research strategy used by wildlife conservation agencies.

No, this isn't a way to fish recreationally. However, it is pretty awesome to see trophy-class fish float to the surface left and right.

Every angler out there ponders in curiosity when they set out on a body of water. They generally have a pretty strong clue as to where fish will be and how they should fish for them, but determining the ceiling for fish quality and quantity is always a guessing game.

Even if a lake's never produced a fish larger than a few pounds, there's still that chance there could be a state record in there. There's just no way to to know when you're bass fishing.

That's the beauty of electrofishing, though. Not only can you get a better sense of how fish populations are doing in a body of water, but also its trophy potential. Additionally, you could mark where big fish were hiding and revisit those spots later.

Here, Josh Jorgensen sets out on Lake Weohyakapka with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission with the goal of pulling in a largemouth bass over 10 pounds.

Watch the video below:

As mentioned in the video, it's crucial you stay away from the water when electric currents are flowing. It' easy to reach over the side of a boat without thinking, but that's all it takes to get seriously shocked.

That's not a bad day, though! Man, these guys pull in some monster bass, and it looks like they could've kept going, too!

Wouldn't it be great if every day of catch-and-release fishing ended with those results?

If you ever get the chance to see electrofishing, make sure you take it.