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YouTube: Hushin

Hushin Crew Finds Single Shed, Set and Dead Head From the Same Bull

Patience is the name of the game when it comes to shed hunting.

The Hushin crew a household name within the online hunting community and for a lot of reasons. They've proven their knowledge of different hunting and fishing practices with undeniable results, they've served as a collective voice for wildlife conservation and the quality of their videos continues to improve.

However, it feels like they've owned one sector of outdoors-related digital content, and that's the shed hunting space. While they do have the advantage of living out west where public land and trophy-class elk aren't as hard to come by, they put in more work than any other shed hunter out there. And, the results show.

These results are mind-blowing even for them, though. Not only did these three find a set of monster elk sheds, but they then found a massive single and a dead head—all of which they believe came from the same bull

Watch the video below:

How is it that these guys find so many sheds? Have you seen the inside of Chesser's house?

The answer is persistence. As you may have heard at the end of the video, Chesser, his girlfriend, Bridget, his friend, Martin, and Martin's dog were hunting for sheds for 10 and a half hours and hiked 16 miles in the process.

The shed hunters you know might talk a good game, but chances are none of them have ever put in this kind of work. And, these guys do it almost every time.

Because shed hunting has gotten so popular, it's rare people find a trophy-class shed. That said, it's safe to say this was undoubtedly the shed hunt of a lifetime!