farm-raised elk
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Video: Could You Imagine Spotting This Bull in Your Scope?

Have you ever seen a bull elk this big?

The conversation surrounding farm-raised deer is always a controversial one. Most people see these biologically altered deer and feel uncomfortable, as they tend to look unhealthy, unnatural and frankly miserable.

However, it's kind of like looking at a bad car accident, in that you know it's bad, but it's too shocking to look away.

This dilemma is almost exclusive to whitetail deer, though, as only whitetail face the "is that actually wild?" debate. Then we came across this video, and we aren't sure what to make of it.

Is it possible this bull elk came from a similar operation? Or, could it actually be wild?

Watch the video below:

Look at the size of that thing! What are the odds this thing is wild?

I'm going to confidently pull the farm card on this one, but, I will say I would still love to see this in the wild.

Assuming it is farm-raised, I still can't imagine how I'd react if I saw this grazing public land. I don't think I'd hesitate to pull the trigger even for a second, although the reward would be diminished if I found out later it wasn't actually wild.

However, if this truly is a wild bull, holy moly. What do you think this thing would score? Where would it sit in the record books?

We'd love to hear your opinion, too. What do you think? Wild or farm-raised?