sockeye salmon
YouTube: Jon B.

Video: Jon B. Snatches a Sockeye Salmon With His Bare Hand

You've probably heard of hand fishing, but you've heard of this.

Hand fishing, or noodling, has taken the internet by storm over the course of the last decade. Fearless fishermen will blindly stick their hands into dark, unknown places, knowingly facing the risk of running into a snapping turtle or a snake. They'll then pull out massive catfish that are bedded down and ultimately bite at the noodler's hand.

You've probably heard of this kind of hand fishing, but have you ever heard of literally reaching down and grabbing a fish out of the water without any fight from the fish?

Well, Jon B. posted a video a few months ago in which he just did that, and you won't believe it until you see it.

Watch the video below:

It's certainly worth noting this isn't your average fishing trip. These guys are fly fishing in Alaska's remote glacier rivers, which offer some of the clearest water and the healthiest trout populations you'll ever find. Combine those with the beautiful scenery Alaska has to offer and you have a top-shelf fishing video.

Jon B. never disappoints in video quality, either, so we were lucky enough to get a great look at his trip.

Have you ever seen someone catch a fish like that? I've seen people snatch up a dying fish like that, but that doesn't even count. And, this fish wasn't dead at all. As soon as he threw it back in the water, it darted away!

It almost appeared as though there were so many fish in the water, that the fish weren't really fazed by anything.

Congrats to Jon on a number of nice catches to go along with those quick reflexes!