peacock bass
YouTube: Jon B.

Video: Jon B. Lands a Monster Peacock Bass in Brazil

Any peacock bass would be awesome to catch, but a 17-pounder takes things to a whole different level.

Jon B. has become one of the biggest names in YouTube's fishing circle for a number of reasons, but one of them is his undoubtedly the quality of his videos.

Honestly, even if this video didn't end with a big fish, it would still be satisfying to watch. The cinematic element he brings to his content adds an unnerving sense of anticipation. And, he seemingly always delivers.

In this clip, he's peacock bass fishing the Amazon River in Brazil when he tops his personal-best with a 17-pound toad.

Watch the video below:

If this video doesn't make you want to hit the water immediately, I don't know what will.

While it's easy to just lump Jon B., apbassing, LunkersTV, LakeForkGuy and FLAIR together as the Googan Squad, it's worth following these guys' individual channels.

It's unbelievable how hard peacock bass fight. A small one, let alone a 17-pounder, puts up the fight of five largemouth bass. It looked like he was fighting a big-game saltwater fish the way that drag was screaming, too.

It's on many anglers' bucket lists to make a trip to the Amazon River, and this video shows exactly why. Peacock bass swim through many freshwater bodies in Florida, but nowhere in the Sunshine State compares to this right here.

I think I might have a hard time justifying a trip to Brazil for fishing, but a fish like this would definitely make it worth it.