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Angry Bull Elephant Tramples Baby Rhino

This rhino doesn't stand a chance against an angry elephant.

Few animals on earth would have the guts to walk right up to rhino mom and her calf and hope to live. Unless of course, you're an angry elephant!

In this amazing footage taken from a safari vehicle in South Africa's Kruger National Park, some tourists got a first-hand view at just how brutal nature can be. This angry bull elephant apparently did not like the rhinos in the area of this watering hole. So, he sets to run them off and the mother rhino almost ends up stomping on her own baby to death in the process.

All the more reason to find a good camera and bring it with you on your adventures! You never know what you'll see on a photography safari!

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It's a wild piece of footage. See the whole interaction in the video below.

The footage was taken near Shishangeni Lodge area by Krishna Tummalapalli, a cardiologist from India back in June. In the video's description on YouTube, Tummalapalli further details their thoughts on the incident.

"We were amazed that we could see something like the elephant become aggressive towards the rhinos. We were also worried for the baby rhino, especially after the elephant pushed the rhino mom over her own baby," Tummalapalli said. "We felt a bit more at ease once the rhinos started running away with seemingly no injury. Who knew that an elephant carries such power? As Indian Americans, we were used to Indian elephants which are not as big as African elephants. We think of rhinos as huge animals, but the elephant literally pushed the rhino around like it was nothing!"

Thus, you can see why rangers in Africa's national parks work so hard to keep people at safe distances from the animals. These rhinos were able to walk away from this event unscathed. A human would have no chance against that big bull in this same scenario. All that over a simple waterhole.

It's not out of the question to believe this elephant could have easily killed one or both rhinos had it wanted to do so. This is just the grim reality of nature, which plays out every day in one of the most popular South African national parks!

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