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Albino Elephant Baby Photographed in South Africa's Kruger National Park [PICS]

albino elephant
Images via Daily Mail

Check out this Albino elephant photographed with a large herd on the banks of the Shingwedzi River.

People are constantly spotting really cool things in South Africa's Kruger National Park. But what appears to be a baby pink, albino elephant may top them all!


The incredible photos of the pale, pink baby elephant were shot by Nicki Coertze of South Africa while touring the park. "We took pictures of the elephant through the car window, I was trying to keep super still in spite of the excitement of the others in the car," Coertze told the Daily Mail.


The baby is a bit dusty in the photos, but the striking contrast in its color is clearly evident when compared to other animals in the shots. "I was really hoping the pink elephant would play in the water a bit, and wash all the dirt off, so we could see him in all his pinkness," Coertze said.

In spite of the elephant's strange appearance, Coertze said the rest of the herd didn't seem bothered by the baby who was different. It was the most unique sighting Coertze has had in visiting Kruger.


"I have been visiting Kruger since my early childhood, and have over the last many years been spending at least 20 to 30 days in Kruger every year," Coertze said.


The albino will definitely face some challenges in life. Possible skin and eye conditions are of concern for albinos, especially in the wild.

Even though it is in a National Park, the unfortunate threat of poaching still remains in Kruger, especially for elephants. Just over a week ago, elephant poachers were also responsible for the death of 110 vultures, two lions and two jackals after they poisoned the carcass of an elephant they shot for reasons yet unknown.

But hopefully, now that they know it is there, perhaps Kruger's rangers can help keep an extra eye on this rare but beautiful young elephant.


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Albino Elephant Baby Photographed in South Africa's Kruger National Park [PICS]