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Wildebeest and Hungry Leopard Battle Fiercely in Kruger National Park

Recently filmed in Kruger National Park, this video is not for the faint of heart.

Muhammed Gardee was with his mother when he witnessed this brutal attack between a mother wildebeest and a leopard for the wildebeest’s calf.

This footage is up-close, personal, and will probably pull at your heart strings as you watch a tenacious mother defend her young against a vicious predator.

Muhammed, the 12-year-old who filmed this video recalls what happened: ” My mom was driving, and we spotted a rank of impala, who were snorting. We quickly switched the engine off to listen for their sounds! It was then, from the corner of my eye that I saw it! The leopard had an eye on one lone impala, but before he could make a move, the impala headed into a dry river bed. It was then that the wildebeest and her calf’s unfortunate timing crossed the leopard’s path.”

As you just saw, the leopard can back to attack the calf several times, even though the mother chased it up the tree. By the looks of the blood on the calf, that leopard got it pretty good with its teeth.

Although this video is quite heart-breaking, remember this is the circle of life in action. Wildebeests and leopard will probably never get along peacefully at Kruger National Park.


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Wildebeest and Hungry Leopard Battle Fiercely in Kruger National Park