Waste Not: Poop-Powered Trucks A Thing in Washington State

Yes, poop-powered trucks are hitting the streets in King County, Washington, to cut down on greenhouse gases. This is a thing. Accept it.

There seems to be use for everything, and we mean everything>. Sewage/human waste is now being used as a renewable resource to create poop-powered trucks in King County, Washington. We've heard of alternative fuel trucks before, but this is a whole new spin on that concept.

Brigade of the Poop-Mobiles

KREM in Spokane reported that citizens in the King County area, which includes Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue, will be helping to reduce costs and the effects of diesel trucks everything they, well, use the bathroom. "When you're at home, when you use your sink, shower or flush your toilet, your water is coming here," said Katelyn Hunt of King County Waste Water Division. "We need to immediately separate the water from the solid material, all that organic material."

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How it works is that the poop-powered trucks are fed all the waste and food removed from the water and sent through digesters. Once there, it's all heated to a balmy 98 degrees and turns into methane and fertilizer. The result is that 120 poop-powered trucks will be fueled for Recology, the company in charge of the trucks. This will help reduce greenhouse gases in the area as well as cut down on pollutants that are produced locally.

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