Warsaw Grouper
YouTube: BlacktipH

Massive 294-Pound Warsaw Grouper Requires Four People to Haul it Aboard

This massive fish takes four people to bring aboard.

When it comes to deep sea fishing, it's hard to beat the quest for any sort of grouper. The awesome goliath grouper is obviously the king as it grows the largest. However, goliaths cannot be harvested and are protected due to declining numbers. In Florida, one is allowed to harvest the elusive, and equally-massive Warsaw grouper

This fish may not grow as large as the goliath, but this fish still grows to colossal sizes that will challenge any angler's strength and skills.

In today's video, our favorite saltwater fishing guru, Josh Jorgensen, aka: BlacktipH, finally completes his multi-year quest to land a Warsaw. To catch this fish, they must travel nearly 140 miles offshore to where these fish are hiding hundreds of feet down. It doesn't take long before they hook into one.

You know the fish is big when it takes four people just to lift your catch over the gunnel and into the boat! And then it takes a tractor to get it off the boat once they get back to shore. Looks like they'll be eating grouper for dinner for months! Every aspect of the quest to catch this fish was simply amazing. We're glad they had cameras along to document the whole thing.

This fish weighed in at 294 pounds after sitting in that huge cooler overnight. By the way, we didn't even know they made coolers that big. In any case, that means the live weight was probably close to 325 pounds or more. In case you were wondering, the all-tackle world record, as recognized by the IGFA, is a 436-pound, 12-ounce beast that was also pulled from the Gulf of Mexico. That record has stood for more than 30 years now. That fish was caught a few days before Christmas in 1985.

This may have been our favorite BlacktipH video ever. It's not every day you get to see a sea beast like this up close and personal. Congrats on the awesome catch Josh!

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