Goliath Grouper
YouTube: BlacktipH

320-Pound Offensive Lineman Battles 400-Pound Goliath Grouper in Test of Strength

What happens when a 320-pound NFL lineman meets one of the biggest fish in the ocean?

One of the strongest fish in the ocean is the awesome goliath grouper. These massive fish can weigh hundreds of pounds and they will put even the most seasoned anglers on the planet to the ultimate test as we have seen time and again from one of our favorite saltwater fishing channels on YouTube, BlacktipH.

We have seen Josh Jorgensen take both the strongest men and the strongest women on the planet out to tangle with these gigantic fish. Today, Josh has a new guest on his boat that will give these fish a new challenge.

In this video he's hosting Jawaan Taylor, a 320-pound offensive lineman for the Jacksonville Jaguars. If anyone can match a 400-pound fish in the strength category, it's got to be a professional football player whose entire job focuses on strength. As a bonus, you'll see famous football agent Drew Rosenhaus get slapped in the face by a goliath's tail!

Josh has had a ton of notable guests in his videos before including plenty of professional athletes, however, we think Jawaan handled the groupers better than anyone else we have seen yet. He did an excellent job of using his body weight to get leverage on that big, powerful fish.

If you've seen one of Josh's videos before, you know that his goal for all guests is to "keep the rod off the gunwale." Jawaan did an excellent job of that. The rod did hit it a few times, but not nearly as much as it has with Josh's other guests.

Still, it's saying something when a dude who makes a living pushing around other 300-pound guys all day on Sundays says that a fish like this is a workout. In fact, he said that the fish nearly pulled him overboard! That's just wild to think about and a true testament to the power and strength behind a goliath grouper!

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