5 Walther Handguns Worth Owning

You can feel good about putting these five Walther handguns in your collection.

Walther Arms handguns have been on gun owners' radar since the days of the Walther PPK of James Bond. With all due reverence to the hit movie franchise, the Walther collection of firearms has come a long way since then, and we're always willing to spread some knowledge.

Ever since their "Shoot it. Love it. Buy It" promotion, we've been understandably ready to spend some hard-earned money on one of their venerable models, and now it's time to see what that money might possibly get you.

Since buying a handgun is all about getting one in your hands, gaining a feel for its capabilities, and then making the decision on whether or not it's for you, then it might just be time to look a little closer at the Walther handguns and see what they are all about.

Brief History of Walther Handguns

In the beginning of August, 1909, Carl Walther submitted a patent request for a "blowback weapon with a fixed barrel" that would eventually become the Model 1, Walther's first pistol. According to Guns and Ammo, "Production began on the Model 1 in the summer of 1911. Like the patent described, it was a blow-back-actuated handgun chambered in .25 ACP. Magazine capacity was a total of 6 rounds, and the gun included a push-button safety just behind the left grip panel."

And the rest is history.

In later years, Walther would continue to make changes, sometimes increasing in size and caliber, but always maintaining the diminutive and powerful firearm that it has always been know for. 

One of the company's most famous versions of their ubiquitous firearms was the Police Pistol Kriminal (PPK), made popular by the original James Bond films of the 1960s. As a company, Walther has been through many changes, but in late 2012, "Walther Arms Inc. moved its headquarters to Fort Smith. Walther Arms Inc. and Umarex USA are private companies owned by Arnsberg, Germany-based PW Group. Both companies share space in the Chaffee Crossing development where together they employ about 80 workers."

The Walther Arms company says that "We invented concealed carry." Well, that remains to be seen, but their lineup of CC firearms indicates that that just may well be true. From law enforcement to private citizens, Walther Arms has a lineup that fills the bill and then some.

Let's take a look at some of their firearms and decide which one might just be for you.

Walther PPS M2

Back in the beginning of 2019 I said, "I don't own a Walther—it's even been a while since I fired one—but you never forget the smooth trigger mechanism or the lightweight feel in your hand." Well, part of that statement is no longer true: I do own a Walther PPS M2, my first Walther, and I wouldn't go back for anything (except for subsequent Walther purchases).

As a great concealed carry gun, the PPS M2 acts like a much bigger handgun than it is for its size. The PPS M2 comes ready to go in a foam-lined hard case, (with a detailed instruction manual) and a DOJ approved gun lock with two keys.

It handles worthy of a firearm at twice the cost and shoots as well as any I've fired. There are any number of holsters that would accommodate the PPS M2, but a Walther specific model would probably work the best. It rises quickly in the hand and gets on target as fast as any decent shooter can operate it.

With its Carl Walther signature ergonomics, this semi-automatic pistol is at the very least worth trying at the shooting range, and then adding to your wishlist.

Walther CCP M2

This excellent firearm is only 1.18 inches at its widest point, making for ultra-easy concealment no matter how you carry. Then there's the smart ergonomic design that Walther is so widely recognized for, a thumb safety, and a reversible mag release button that works for either lefties or righties.

The 3 dot sights and picatinny rail give you extra options, and the 5.5-pound trigger pull sits right in the shooter's sweet spot. The racking ease, tool-less takedown, and reduced recoil all make this next level 9mm pistol a great choice for anyone's collection.

Walther PPQ SC

Known as the "Full-sized advantage in a subcompact frame," the recently released Walther PPQ SC, which debuted at SHOT Show back in 2018, is still a great choice for those who want to tighten things up to a subcompact size without sacrificing any of the expectations.

And that translates to quicker magazine dumps, sharpness of shooting, and a distinct advantage for all carriers.

As Walther says, "The sub-compact easily allows for the shooter to switch from a 10-round to a 15-round magazine, depending on the situation," and to show that it is "designed for right and left-handed shooters, the PPQ M2 SC features an ambidextrous slide stop and reversible button-style magazine release."

Walther PPQ Q4 TAC

Walther's PPQ Q4 TAC has already earned its share of attention. Its threaded barrel and alternative recoil spring allows the shooter to attach a suppressor and start shooting quieter shots nearly straight out of the box.

One of the nicest things about this distinctive firearm is the great carrying case that it comes in, which includes three magazines, interchangeable backstraps, and versatile optics plates that all have their dedicated spots inside the foam case.

This pistol, like most Walthers, is built for right or left-handed shooters. The PPQ Q4 TAC is one of the best reasons why optic-equipped handguns have undoubtedly risen in popularity over the last few years.

Walther PK380

The Walther PK380 is another in a series of low profile .380 ACP handguns that is perfect for shooters who want a smaller version concealed carry gun. The PK380's slim grip and small slide are perfect for female shooters, especially since they are easy to rack.

Standout features of this gun include manual safety blocks, 3 dot polymer sights, and an ambidextrous magazine release. The PK380 is available with a double or section trigger, but is its size that gives it just enough bite in the palm and fingers to feel truly secure. Its grip is, in typical Walther fashion, insanely comfortable.

For the shooters who want a little more style added to their personal defense firearm, the PK380 comes in Purple/Nickel, Pink/Nickel, Pink/Black, Muddy Girl, Cheetah, Purple/Black, and Angel Blue patterns for the discerning eye.

With Walther pistols now being manufactured in the United States, striker-fired polymer-framed pistols like the PPQ have found their way into the gun safes of a ton of gun owners. Their features like quick-defense triggers, ambidextrous controls, and accessory rails to mount a light or night sights have turned them into firearms that we can easily learn to love.

And at the reasonable prices that they offer, shooting a good quality gun has never been more affordable.

Which one would you consider?

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