Full-Sized Advantage in a Subcompact Frame: The New Walther PPQ SC

Take a look at the brand new Walther PPQ SC, a subcompact with a distinct advantage.

If you want the advantages of a full-sized handgun in a subcompact package, Walther just released the handgun for you. 

The newly released Walther PPQ SC, which debuted mere weeks ago at SHOT Show 2018, is the carry gun for gun carriers. Built off the same PPQ platform that's already proven itself functional, not to mention extremely popular, the PPQ SC tightens things up to a subcompact size without sacrificing any of the expectations.

It's easily one of the most capable small-stature handguns to hit the market in the last couple years.

How does the gun get to boast that sort of claim?

Let's get it out in the open upfront: This 9mm isn't a run-of-the-mill concealed carry gun. The PPQ SC features a noticeably different cross-directional grip pattern, which provides better control and zero slip, ideal for a smaller gun.

Interchangeable backstraps let you customize your grip and feel without compromising the PPQ SC's performance. The slide stop is ambidextrous, as is the magazine release (though you'll have to switch that manually yourself), and the low-profile sights are perfect for what you'll ask of the PPQ SC.

Probably best of all, the PPQ SC carries the same Quick Defense Trigger that's made the PPQ such a desirable gun in the first place. The 5.6 lb. trigger pull of only 0.4 inches is arguably one of the smoothest, but the greatest feature is the 0.1-inch trigger reset. Think about that: You're able to get a second (and even third) shot off that much quicker, because you're only traveling a smidge to rest it each time.

That translates to faster magazine dumps, sharper shooting, and a distinct advantage for all carriers.

If you want to find out more on how to own the advantage, is where to go.