These Are Bass-ically the Beginner Walmart Fishing Poles Your Kid Needs

No need to rush to a high-end fishing store, Walmart fishing poles are great starters for kids.

I can honestly say I got my first fishing pole from Walmart. I'm from a small town in East Texas where some surrounding towns don't even have a Walmart. No surprise we didn't have any major outdoor & sporting goods stores near us.

It wasn't a big deal because that's the great part of learning a new hobby as a kid. You don't need to go and find a store specialized in fishing gear to learn. Here's three beginner fishing poles for your future anglers that you can order from Walmart.

One day they'll be picking out their own Shimano baitcasting reels and crappie spinning rods, but they have to start somewhere.

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1. Spawn Series Kids Spincast Fishing Pole & Tackle Set

The rod-and-reel combo comes with three hooks, three sinkers, one bobber float, and a practice cast weight. Giving the kids a chance to get some casting practice so they can get a feel for it. After all, they've only watched you fish. It's their turn to get out there. The fiberglass rod is 4 feet, 2 inches, which is perfect for kids. There's an easy push button so they can cast easily. The fishing rod weighs just over a pound, and has a textured pistol-style handle for a secure grip.

2. Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Youth Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

The two-piece rod is a great starter kit for youth fishing. It weighs about a pound, and has a medium rod power.

3. Abu Garcia Ike Dude Youth Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

This fishing kit is a bit more expensive than the two above, but I can see why. It has a stainless steel guide, and a medium and fast-action rod. I think this would work for youth anglers with a more aggressive cast.

Whether you're saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, or kayak fishing, these are great starter fishing poles. Now, get some good starter rod combos and make some memories.