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Check Out the $100 Shimano SLX Baitcast Reel

Shimano SLX

At a price point of $100, the new Shimano SLX is built to perform and won't break the bank.

The fishing reel space can be a saturated one, with manufacturers inundating the market with a multitude of releases each season. And for those that spend any amount of time on the water, many of these fresh new spins come with a hefty price tag.

Introduced at the 2018 ICAST show in July, the new Shimano SLX line of baitcast reels are built with performance in mind but at a price point that's easy on the wallet. For a tournament pro or weekend angler, what's not to love about that?!

Let's get into the nitty gritty. In terms of cosmetics, the Shimano SLX is sleek and stylish. Matte black in color, with shiny blue accents, this low profile reel will look great on any rod (especially the companion SLX line of sticks).

Shimano SLX

Weighing a lean 6.9 ounces, the SLX feels like a feather in the hand. This will be advantageous for those who like to cast from sun up to sun down.

The SLX series is offered in six models and three gear ratios: 6.3:1, 7.2:1, and a lightning quick 8.2:1. If you love to burn buzzbaits or are looking for more efficiency when pitching jigs, that last one is the real deal.

The Shimano SLX baitcast reels are designed around the HAGANE body concept and are built on a solid and precise aluminum frame. Although compact, the line capacity on these reels is more than adequate--up to 105 yards of 40-pound test PowerPro braid.

They also sport 3 + 1 ball bearings and have a long handle--the latter which is comfortable to hold and easy to turn.

Each Shimano SLX is built with their proven six-spin style Variable Brake System (VBS) and have a maximum drag rating of 12 pounds.

At a price point of $99.99 (USD), the Shimano SLX line of baitcast reels definitely deserve a look. They are sleek, perform well, and come at a cost anglers can all appreciate. That's a winner in our books.

For more information on the Shimano SLX series of baitcast reels, click HERE.

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Check Out the $100 Shimano SLX Baitcast Reel