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Shimano is Ready to Clean and Lube Your Reels for Free

Images provided by Shimano

If you own a Shimano reel, you need to take advantage of this! 

In another sign of superior customer service, Shimano has announced the launch of the "Shimano Garage". With this new service, debuting at the 2016 Bassmaster Classic, free cleanings and tune-ups for all Shimano reels will be available to everyone.

"Our trained staff will do a thorough cleaning along with applying the right oil and grease where needed, bringing your reel as close as we can to fresh out-of-the-box performance," Shimano service tech manager Doug Bouse said in a statement. "Plus our crew will share a few ideas on what you can do to your reels throughout the season so they continue to perform as you expect from Shimano."


While at the Bassmaster Classic from March 4-6 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, there will be a two reel per person limit. Large crowds are expected and this will ensure timely service of all reels.

After the Classic, the Garage will be going on the road following B.A.S.S. tournaments around the country as well as tackle shows, dealer events, and even Big Bass Tour tournaments.

"We especially look forward to the upcoming B.A.S.S. college and high schools events, along with our owner tournaments in Kentucky and Alabama," said Bouse.

If you own a Shimano reel and happen to find yourself somewhere near one of the upcoming stops, do yourself a favor and stop in. They will make sure your reels are back to as close to their original condition as possible.

I think we all could get down for that.


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Shimano is Ready to Clean and Lube Your Reels for Free