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Best Big Bass Angler in Texas is a Female Kayak Fishing Machine

big bass, Stevie Nicole Jones
Stevie Nicole Jones

Texas has more than one big bass angler, but the best of the best of big bass may very well be a woman.

Stevie Nicole Jones is a kayak angler from the Austin area and has been on a roll this year. Not only has she boated several largemouth bass over eight pounds this year, but she has two big bass over 10 pounds since March from her kayak.

big bass angler
The first of two bass over 10 pounds in tournaments for Stevie this year.

On top of that, she caught them both during tournaments.

The first big bass came during an event March 5th on Austin's Lady Bird Lake. Stevie graphed a deep ledge with bait on it and in her typical style, used a finesse approach with soft plastics to get it hooked up.

The fish measured 25.25 inches and weighed 10.2 pounds.

The second bass over 10 pounds was caught June 18th fishing in a tournament at Lake Athens.

This fish came off of a deep hump near a grass line and was also tricked using soft plastics. Stevie wouldn't divulge the secret bait and color, only that it was a soft plastic available at major retailers.

big bass angler
One of the two tournament fish that have topped 10 pounds for Stevie this year.

Big bass #2 measured 25.5 inches and was 10.5 pounds. The bass also broke the previous Catch and Release Record for Lake Athens, a 24 inch fish which was also caught by Stevie nine months ago.

While other arguments could be made, the fact that Stevie has landed multiple eight pound fish and two 10 pound bass in two different tournaments in the last four months certainly suggests that she is the best big bass angler in Texas.

Photos courtesy of Stevie Nicole Jones


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Best Big Bass Angler in Texas is a Female Kayak Fishing Machine