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Wait Till You Hear the Crazy Way a Michigan Man Reacted to a DNR Illegal Deer Kill Investigation

Man gets obstruction and assault charges in wild Michigan story.

Conservation officers sometimes have some crazy days on the job.

Such is the case with an arrest Michigan Department of Natural Resources officers just made last Wednesday of a 73-year-old man in Owosso. Officers say he reacted in an unbelievable manner to DNR officers investigating a possible illegal deer kill on May 21. T

he officers were talking to the grandson of William Frank Fisher when officers say Fisher escalated the scene in a most dramatic fashion.

"The suspect lifted a patrol truck off the ground with a tractor and swung a tire iron or crowbar around in a threatening manner," Lt. Andrew Turner of the Michigan DNR's 8th District said in a press release.

As crazy as that is, there's more. The officers arrested Fisher last Wednesday and then sought out and were granted a search warrant for Fisher's home. It was there they found 25 firearms, ammo and reloading equipment.

The problem is, Fisher has prior felony convictions for receiving and concealing stolen property and deliver and manufacture of a controlled substance that prevent him from legally owning firearms.

That wasn't all. They also found unspecified explosive components on the scene. The firearms and explosives will probably mean more felony charges for Fisher in the future.

But for now, Fisher is facing two counts of obstructing an officer and two counts of felonious assault for the incident. "Assaults against our officers are something that we take very seriously and will not be tolerated," said DNR field operations coordinator Captain David Malloch in a press release.

And the illegal deer kill the officers were investigating? It turns out nothing illegal even happened! They determined the deer had been hit by a car and the grandson had simply put the animal out of its misery.

Fisher is facing up to four years in prison and a $2,000 fine for the assault charges and two years in prison and another $2,000 fine for the obstruction charges. He'll be in court next on June 21.