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Body Cam Footage Captures Ohio Police Rescuing Fawn From Busy Roadway


Body cam footage captures cop's fawn rescue.

Fawn season is officially in full swing right now. And normally, the right thing to do when you find one is to leave it alone because mom is likely somewhere nearby.

But sometimes a fawn finds itself in a tough spot and in need of some human intervention. That's what happened to this one in Cincinnati.

This baby is stuck on the shoulder of a very busy roadway with nowhere to go. Officer Roger Noe to the rescue!

The department put the footage of the rescue on the Facebook. But also took a moment to remind residents that this sort of thing is only done when absolutely necessary.

"In most cases the mother is nearby and will round up her young fawn when conditions are right. In this particular case the fawn was on a controlled access highway and had would not have survived if it had not been rescued," the post read.

Officer Noe and fellow Officer Trish Yates took the fawn to the closest woods and released it. Hopefully it'll find its mother and stay off the roadways from now on.

Law enforcement officials are dealing with these kinds of calls across the country. Another recent viral fawn rescue featured an officer known as "the deer whisperer" pulling a baby deer out of a storm drain.

Good work officers on these rescues and giving us a video to brighten our day!


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Body Cam Footage Captures Ohio Police Rescuing Fawn From Busy Roadway