Little Boy Helps Rescue Stuck Fawn and it’s Insanely Adorable

A sweet little boy named Jagger heard a stuck fawn bleating, and then helped his dad to rescue it!

The Stone Marina Facebook page was kind enough to share their video of little Jagger and his dad as they rescued a fawn that was barely out of its mother's womb. Seeing that it was stuck in an old excavation hole, they approached it quietly to assess the situation.

Watch the kindness and care of a small child as he realizes, with his daddy's help, that this little animal isn't abandoned, but still needs help.

Here's the heartwarming video:

Big thanks to Jagger and his dad for the timely save! While there is a rule of thumb to always leave wild animals alone, even one's that appear to be abandoned, this particular little fawn might not have made it back to his mother without a boost.

Here's one little boy that will grow up with a mighty respect for nature thanks to the calm demeanor of his own father, and the gentleness of his mother. (obviously)

Three cheers for Jagger- the little boy with a big heart and the rock star name!