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Fawn Triplets Getting Love from Mama Doe Will Make Your Day

A mama doe ‘fawning’ over her newborns is not only the sweetest thing you’ll see all day, but a necessary part of nature.

While whitetailed deer are better known for having twins, triplets aren’t that uncommon either.

It looks as if these three little ones haven’t seen much of the light of day when this was filmed, but mother was right there to comfort and care for them. Here’s another example of natural love provided by one of our favorite animals.

I get the fact that this is another cute video of a doe and her fawns, but we love it anyway. Still, watching that mama doe almost lick the spots off of her baby is pretty comical!

Since that doe has an obvious ear tag and they seem quite used to a human presence, then this is probably a deer ranch somewhere. Whether they harvest the deer for estrous, velvet, or just for the venison it wouldn’t be much different than any cattle ranch anyway. (Estrous and velvet notwithstanding)

Cheers to those who choose to raise animals and livestock in the world! It’s difficult and hard work, but with great rewards!



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Fawn Triplets Getting Love from Mama Doe Will Make Your Day