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Michigan Woman Fined for Kidnapping 4 Fawns


Woman hit with fines for kidnapping four fawns from the wild. 

A Michigan woman has been slapped with charges after allegedly fawn-napping four baby deer in Montcalm County.

Karen Hofstetter was hit with a lesser single misdemeanor charge that’ll cost her $575 after she took four fawns from the woods. She allegedly gave some of the animals away as pets to some of her friends. The Michigan DNR was originally alerted Hofstetter when she called to report having found a lost fawn back in mid-May.

As is usually the case, the DNR told her to return the animal and call back if it was still hanging around.

“The officer to her to put it back by the creek where she found it,” DNR Sgt. Ron Kimmerly told


But the DNR soon found out she was posting photos of the fawn online. And it was inside her home.

“The officer tracked her down,” Kimmerly said. “This gal did nothing but lie to the officer. She basically gave that fawn to a family friend.”

Shortly after that, the DNR was again alerted to Hofstetter posting more photos of fawns online. This time, wildlife officials say, she took triplet fawns from the wild. The DNR went back and took the fawns away from her. One died on the way to a wildlife rehabilitation center.


Another one of the fawns was released back into the wild but its status is not known.

“There are a lot of stupid people out there, but this one…” Kimmerly told “She was told. She just wanted them as pets… But four of them, this was blatant.”

Prosecutors ended up combining four counts of taking wildlife from the wild into a single charge for Hofstetter.

Shortly after being hit with the violations, says she took to Facebook where she posted photos of her citations and went on a rant against the DNR.

MLive also reports she responded to people’s concerns about the fawns in her house. “Omg people chill … I’m not retarded. They are at a safe place,” she allegedly wrote.


In one of her other alleged rants, she threatened to kill other wildlife.

“Charged for having four deer … Haha Where’s the fourth stupid? Yall are a God damn joke. Don’t do your job in the first place then write people up. … Haha have fun with all the paperwork … And yall can take my hunting rights I don’t give a (expletive)! I don’t hunt anyways you dumb(expletive),” she allegedly wrote.

Cases of fawn-napping seem to be increasing in recent years. Some states have put out warnings ahead of fawns dropping to keep people from turning in seemingly abandoned fawns.

In another bizarre case, a woman in California was hit with charges after allegedly stealing a fawn from the wild and attempting to sell it on Craigslist.



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Michigan Woman Fined for Kidnapping 4 Fawns