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Colorado Man Finds Fawn in Bath Tub, Hilarity Ensues

A Colorado resident didn’t know what would happen after he found a whitetail fawn in his bath tub, but it provided smiles all around!

When Jefferson County man Jim Willenbring was attempting to free a stuck fawn from some fencing near his home in Evergreen, CO he never thought that the kind act would end up inside his house let alone in his bath tub.

A spokesman for the local sheriff’s office, Dionne Waugh said, “The fawn was stuck in the fencing, and (he) went out to help the fawn” Willenbring then added, “As I got close he ran along the fence and right inside the house, then down the hall and into the tub.”


The little whitetail was uninjured, but added some hilarity to all those involved. “If only we could get our own kids in the tub that easily,” Waugh said with a smile.

Deputy Sheriff Skylar Steele was first on the scene and wrapped the diminutive deer in a blanket, and took it outside where it belonged. After adding a few smiles to the day of those humans who it happened upon, the fawn scampered off out of sight.

Now all that’s left is the story of a deer who ‘took a bath’ in Jefferson County and became famous as the fawn who came inside to play.

Photos via CNN



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Colorado Man Finds Fawn in Bath Tub, Hilarity Ensues