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Florida Deer Farm Poachers Incriminated by Social Media

Facebook, My FWC

Once again, social media leads to the downfall of some poachers.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission have just announced a slew of felony and misdemeanor charges against two men who they say poached two big bucks off a Florida deer farm.

The investigation into the case actually began last November when Shadd Farms in Lake Butler reported gunshots in their deer pen. The owner later found a 15-point buck dead. The case was broken wide open when an anonymous tipster gave investigators a lead to look at the social media accounts of two men.

It turns out they had broken into the deer farm more than once.

A search warrant of 25-year-old Aaron Griffis' social media accounts later revealed a video shared privately that shows Griffis shining and shooting a deer at night. It is believed to be the 15-point buck the farm's owner later found dead based on comments on the video.

It was also found 23-year-old Taylor Wise had posted several photos of an 11 point buck poached in the same farm. Wise later admitted to investigators he shot the buck from a vehicle with his son and Griffis.

The two alleged poachers then dropped off Wise's son before returning to take the deer after cutting a fence. Wise was hit with five felonies including grand theft livestock and child neglect without harm. He also got two misdemeanors, one for taking deer at night and one for shooting a firearm from a road.

Griffis was hit with four felonies including trespass while armed, conspiracy to commit grand theft and grand theft livestock. He also got two misdemeanor counts for taking a deer at night and two others for trespass and felony firearm possession.

"Mr. Shadd appreciated the work that was done and has given a reward to the person who supplied the anonymous tip about the suspects," FWC Lt. Clay Huff said in an FWC press release.

The tipster also got a reward from the FWC in the case. Shadd Farms also thanked the FWC for their investigative work in a Facebook post. "Thank you MyFWC for your hard work on this case! Poachers will not be tolerated."

These latest arrests are just two more in a string of poaching incidents across the country that have been solved thanks to social media postings. Poachers who took deer, elk, even a cougar have been caught after sharing the photos of the illegal kills on social media platforms.


Florida Deer Farm Poachers Incriminated by Social Media