Lego M16A1

Video: You Won't Believe the Detail on this Full-Size Lego Replica of an M16A1

The attention to detail on this lego M16A1 is amazing.

If you've spent any time at all on the internet in the last 10 years or so, there's no doubt you've seen some pretty incredible Lego creations.

We've seen some pretty cool stuff, like a full-sized travel trailer made from lego bricks.

If you were anything like I was as a kid, you probably tried to make a toy gun out of legos at some point or another. But they definitely never turned out anything like this. That's because this guy made a full-size replica of a Vietnam War-era M16A1 rifle with a removable magazine and many other functional parts!

When we first saw this thing, we had no idea it actually had a ton of moving parts like the charging handle. And we certainly didn't expect the upper and lower receiver to easily disassemble like the real deal. The attention to detail here is simply incredible. The dust cover, the front and rear sights, the adjustment knobs and attachments, it's pretty much all there.

As if all that wasn't enough, he also built the variant with the M203 grenade launcher attachment. And we thought we were good at building with legos as a kid. Consider us completely humbled by this project!

We know it'll never happen, but we really wish this was a real-life lego set for those long, cold winter evenings that are just around the corner. This would probably be a blast to put together!