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Video: Wait Until You See What They Pulled Out of This Bull Elk

bull elk

This isn't the way to find a bull elk shed!

In the annals of hunting and outdoor appreciation, we get to see some pretty strange stuff sometimes. This particular fellow has an elk on the tailgate and has discovered some part of another bull's antler sticking out of its head.

Upon closer inspection, it is a big chunk of the other guy's antler tine! Apparently this hunter took a bull that survived the fight, but lived to take on a bullet.

Watching him pull it out may not be the nicest thing to see, but nature is a struggle, and when you see what this bull survived, you'll understand what it takes to live in the wild.

Warning: the video is graphic

Elk antler

How did he stay alive?Check out the hunting product of the day:

Posted by Rack Junkies on Sunday, December 23, 2018

It's a strange fate that this bull suffered, but we've seen animals take on far worse and survive.

Knowing that its life ended for a hunter and filled a freezer makes things a little easier to swallow. Just maybe the hunter put the big bull out its misery.

Or at least a big headache for sure!

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Video: Wait Until You See What They Pulled Out of This Bull Elk