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Remember What They Pulled Out of This Bull Elk's Head?

This isn't the way to find a bull elk shed!

In the annals of elk hunting and outdoor appreciation, we get to see some pretty strange stuff sometimes. This particular fellow has a mature bull elk on the tailgate and has discovered something strange sticking out of the bull's head. It's a reminder that the elk rut is a stressful time for elk bulls. 

Because upon closer inspection, it is a big chunk of another bull's antler tine! Apparently this hunter took a bull that survived a major breeding season fight, but lived to take on a bullet.

Watching him pull it out may not be the nicest thing to see, but nature is a struggle, and when you see what this bull survived, you'll understand how hard life really is for these majestic North American animals.

Warning: the video is graphic

It's a majestic sight to see a large bull bugling in a National Park or other location in the vast lands of the western United States. While that elk herd may seem calm and peaceful, remember those bulls have no qualms about killing each other for a cow elk in heat. Even a simple sparring match can be dangerous. One wrong move by a young bull might be enough to take out an eye. While humans have hunting seasons to help maintain elk populations, mother nature has her own ways of dealing with things. Sadly, an injury like this is one of those ways. It really is amazing how these animals can go from nearly killing each other over a female elk in the fall, to hanging out in bachelor groups in the late summer. 

This isn't the first time an elk hunter has seen an injury like this and we're sure it won't be the last. It's a strange fate that this bull suffered, but we've seen rutting animals take on far worse and survive.

Knowing that its life ended for a hunter and filled a freezer makes things a little easier to swallow. Just maybe the hunter put the big bull out its misery.

Or at least a big headache for sure!

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