elk fight

This is the Holy Grail of All Elk Fight Videos

Two giant bull elk duke it out in Yellowstone National Park river.

If you dream of elk hunting, then get ready for one of the most epic elk visuals known to man. This is an elk fight like you've never seen. Before you get any hunting ideas, just remember this is in a national forest.

This herd of elk puts on a show during what seems to be peak mating season. These giant bulls scream their heads off, glisten in the sun and duke it out in the rushing depths of a river. This will make every elk hunter wish they were within gun range as the bulls' hormones rage.

Yellowstone National Park is wildly popular for some of the sights and sounds you can experience. However, an avid elk hunter could only fantasize about a moment like this.

The roaring bugles are enough to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

If the bugles weren't enough, how about the vicious clashing of antlers as these giant bulls try to stake claim to the beautiful territory and abundance of cows?

I personally have always been fascinated by the bull elk. I dreamed of hunting them and thought I understood the majestic nature of them from afar. That was until I went on my first elk hunting trip, in the Rocky Mountains, while backpacking in and sleeping aside the mountain for a week. Once I experienced ear piercing bugles from close ranges in the early mountain air, it was far more exhilarating than I could've ever imagined. We hit the elk rut just right, and it was a trip I'll never forget.

Then there's the terrain. After scaling up and down the mountain chasing bugles for a week, you really come to respect their resilience. It's hard to believe just how resilient and strong these elk have to be to survive in such a rugged area.

Someone has to win, and the king bull made it his point by asserting his dominance. It leaves us with only one questions, though: is it elk season yet?

If you aren't someone who enjoys hunting and think you'd like to witness something like this in person, the Rocky Mountain National Park is a great place to go.