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7x9 Bull Elk Gets Overpowered by Stronger, Smaller Bull

7x9 Bull Elk
Facebook: Mike Mickelson

The bull fell in front of a gigantic crowd in Canada's Jasper National Park. 

You never know what you'll see during the elk rut. These lucky tourists in Canada's Jasper National Park got to see this enormous 7x9 bull elk get his butt whipped by another elk. Check out just how big of a rack the loser had. One would normally think the bigger bull would win right?

That just goes to show that even a really high-scoring bull will not necessarily win a fight with another elk.

Watch the video to see what we mean. We should take this moment to warn you that there is some harsh language from the spectators in this video.

This is why I love Jasper.Save any rude comments and just enjoy the Bull.

Posted by Mike Mickelson on Monday, October 3, 2016

Pretty impressive battle, right? You see how they pushed that tree over like it was nothing? When two large bulls start fighting, there is not much that is going to stand in their way. They probably did not even notice that tree was there.

There are a number of reasons that big 7x9 bull elk lost: he could have been older and weaker than the other bull, he could have been just plain worn out from the rut, or the other bull might just have been tougher and meaner. Remember that size isn't always everything. Some creatures just have more fight in them than others.

In any case, that's too bad for the big bull. Though the other bull has a great rack as well, it would be a real shame if 7x9 bull didn't get a chance to pass on those incredible genes.

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7x9 Bull Elk Gets Overpowered by Stronger, Smaller Bull