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8 Shooting Videos to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Here are eight great shooting videos that are sure to get your holiday spirit on the right track.

When it's the holiday season, there's nothing we outdoor loving Americans like better than to kick back around the old Christmas tree and start our holiday spirit in motion like some shooting videos.

It's the time of year when Santa and New Year cheer go hand-in-hand like Christmas Eve and gift ideas. The Big Day may have come and gone, but as grown-ups we love this wonderful time of the year as much as hot cocoa.

It's just that we love to have a little something to remind us of the good times, like when we last shot our firearms at deer or a target. While you're sitting around the dining room table or in the living room listening to some holiday tunes, here's one of the last-minute gifts that keeps on giving: eight great shooting videos to get you in the holiday spirit and make it last all year.

The last one is a special treat just for you!

1. Carol of the Guns

Micah "Shotmastr" McMillan shared this video about this time last year and it's still a classic.

2. Christmas Carols rifle style

Christmas carols Black Rifle Coffee Company style is now on the menu.

3. Santa Silencer

SilencerCo published this beauty a couple of years ago, and we still love it.

4. Star Spangled Banner

The Star Spangled banner may be more appropriate for Independence Day, but whenever it's played by the masterful Chris Cheng it doesn't matter what time of the year it is.

5. Shooting Balloons at 20-Yards

I don't care who you are: this young gal plugging balloons with a bow will make your "feels" get up and sing!

6. The Nosler Chainsaw

When you need a Yule Tide tree and you have family to help, what's better than trimming it with your rifle?

7. Canadian Tree Trimmer

Some people can't hit a deer in three shots, but this enterprising fellow has his Christmas tree in three!

8. Alligator Piss Shooter

The Tipsy Bartender created a special shot just for us outdoorsmen and we thank them mightily for it. Don't get it mixed up; this is a shot taking video, don't even think about drinking and shooting guns.

From California to Alaska, and from Washington to New York we send you this Christmas card with all of its Christmas spirit to one and all. Here is the most comfortable way to use your English words like shoot, blast, and plink on a deep level you may not have thought of.

Your comfort level of shooting may never be the same!

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