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17 Pets Who Don’t Want to Be Christmas Deer

Pet owners think it’s funny to dress their pets up for Christmas. These pets think being your Christmas deer is not all that funny. 

Deer have come to represent Christmas. We have deer on sweaters, we eat them for holiday meals, and we dress our pets up like them. Here are 17 pets that don’t share our enthusiasm for Christmas deer.

1. “What is the meaning of this?”

reindeer cat
Instagram/Cats on Holidays


2. “But can we play after?”

The Luxury Spot


3. “I dunno you guys, I’m a little uncomfortable…”

Jeans and Lace


4. I’m impressed. That is some Christmas dedication. 

Blog Her


5. I think this cat is literally crying. 

Off Beat


6. “I am not amused.”

reindeer dog
Getty Images


 7. He’d better not go outside in that outfit. He may be mistaken for an actual deer!

Dump a Day


8. This is actually a rare species. 

Getty Images

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9. People dress up every pet. Even guinea pigs are not safe. 

Fox 8


10. “Is it over yet?”

Oh Hopscotch


11. “Sigh.”

E Online


12. “You’d best sleep with one eye open.”

angry cat


13. “Even my nose?”

Christmas Reindeer


14. Is this necessary?

Chihuahuas And Sledge

15. This one may be enjoying the attention. 

Barriee Examiner


16. This one is just great. 



17. And you wonder why the tree got knocked down…

Tons of Cats

Merry Christmas!

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17 Pets Who Don’t Want to Be Christmas Deer