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Bedded Buck Finds Himself at Ease in Christmas Deer Decorations

This mature whitetail seems to find himself right at home with these fake deer. Could this be your next hunting setup?

Look around many yards during the Christmas season and you'll see plenty of Christmas decorations with deer decor in them. What you usually won't find is mature whitetail bucks bedded within those decorations.

But after watching this video, you'll wonder if you should start looking harder! This buck seems like it is right at home.

Kerrville Deer

This whitetail buck was sitting under the reindeer Christmas decorations at the Kerr County Courthouse in Kerrville. Thanks to Scott Van Klaveren for sending it in.We’re using your video and photos online and on air. So send them in:

Posted by WCYB on Sunday, December 24, 2017

So if you're hunting around Kerr County, Texas, next year, this might be the big ticket to draw in that big buck.

I'm not big on putting up outside Christmas decor, but if it can start to draw big bucks into my yard, I'm all for it. My yard might soon look like a scene from the Griswold's yard in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.


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Bedded Buck Finds Himself at Ease in Christmas Deer Decorations