6 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts from Field & Stream

Christmas is right around the corner, so get last-minute gifts and stocking stuffers while you can.

As December continues to roll, the time to buy gifts is dwindling. Perhaps it's too late or too expensive to buy your favorite outdoorsman or woman a new treestand or a new bow, but that doesn't mean all hope is lost.

Smart and unique are the way to go when it comes to last-minute gift ideas. And, fortunately for you, we've compiled a list of gifts any hunter or angler would appreciate.

Whether you're out of time or just about out of money, these gift ideas will surely save the day.

Gamo Primal Warrior 60-Inch Blowgun

Some of the best gifts are the ones you'd never expect. What hunter or shooter out there wouldn't be excited to try out a blowgun? Not only can you set up some cardboard boxes for target practice, but you can take this out to the woods for some small-game hunting, too. This Game Blowgun is only $19.99.

Buck Knives Buck 110 Knife

The Buck 110 folding knife is an American classic. Hunters have been revering the 110 since its birth in 1963, and for good reason. This knife is made with 420c stainless steel, which will combat all the elements of a backcountry hunt, a saltwater fishing trip, or everyday work. It's available at DICKS.com for only $39.99, but you might just catch it on discount.

Field & Stream Eye and Ear Protection Kit

For $29.99, Field & Stream offers a great two-for-one deal on eyes and ears.  The 24dB NRR earmuffs can be doubled up with the enclosed foam earplugs for 36db of protection total. Unlike many other muffs on the market, these offer a low-profile shape, making them sleek and comfortable to wear without worry they'll get bumped or shoved off. The shooting glasses have a comfortable and secure fit with a scratch-resistant and 99.99% UV filtering coating.

Field & Stream Sportsman Gun Cleaning Kit

Cleaning your firearm after each use is paramount, as is having the right tools to do it. Cleaning kits can often be limited or on the expensive side, but the Sportsman Gun Cleaning Kit breaks that trend. This kit offers everything you'd need in a basic cleaning kit, featuring bore brushes and mops for six calibers (.22, .243, .270, .30, 20ga, 12ga).

Field & Stream 360 Pro Molle Tackle Bag

Every serious angler needs a way to tote their tackle around, and this one comes in a nice size and at a good price. The Pro Molle Tackle Bag includes three stowaway boxes with plenty of room to spare, accommodating all the tackle you'll ever need for a long weekend or day trip.

Field & Stream Round 24-Rod Rack with Metal Post

Another thing every serious anger needs is a place to put his or her rods. There's nothing worse than trying to untangle a mess of fishing gear in your garage right before a big trip. With this 24-rod organizer, this will no longer be an issue. It makes for a nice addition to your man cave, too!