Video: Vancouver Island Shed Hunter Stalked by Large Cougar

What would you do if a brazen cougar never let you out of its sight for over an hour?

As a licensed taxidermist, Adam Bartsch knows a thing or two about wildlife. But on March 1, he was given the opportunity to study the behaviors of a live cougar better than he could ever imagine.

Bartsch set off that day to a popular walking trail just north of Campbell River on Canada's Vancouver Island. An avid shed hunter and trail cam enthusiast, he began searching the area for antlers while setting up cameras. That was when it happened.

Shortly after finding an antler, Bartsch came face-to-face with a large cougar less than 50 feet away away from him.

The area Bartsch was in was closed to firearms, not that this hunter had one on him anyways. He did have a cougar tag, but his trusty machete was sitting in a backpack he already set down.

Here's the footage, edited down from an unnerving encounter that lasted over an hour long.

Pretty crazy, especially at the 1:40 mark!

According to the video description, Bartsch scared the cougar off on three separate occasions, but it returned each and every time. They finally parted ways after what can only be described as an intense game of cat and mouse.

The male cougar was estimated to weigh about 140 pounds.

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