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Video: Cougar Casually Cases Out Wisconsin Home

ABC World News/Facebook

Authorities warned Brookfield residents after a camera captured a cougar stalking a house.

Residents of Brookfield, Wisconsin, are dealing with a daytime prowler, one which is casually peering into windows with seemingly no care in the world. Spoiler alert: this would-be trespasser could conceivably eat you.

The Waukesha County family captured this furry visitor on their home surveillance camera. And, as you'll see, this apex predator is as cool as a cucumber while making its rounds.

Wisconsin family captures cougar on the prowl on home surveillance

ON THE PROWL: A family in Brookfield, Wisconsin, captured a cougar on the prowl on home surveillance, with the big cat peering into the home before strolling away and authorities warning residents to be on the lookout.

Posted by ABC World News Tonight with David Muir on Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The cougar once roamed throughout Wisconsin, but sightings are rare nowadays. According to the DNR, the big cats don't breed in the state.

Good thing Fido wasn't chained up outside!

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Video: Cougar Casually Cases Out Wisconsin Home