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Count the Cougars in This Eye-Opening Trail Camera Vid

Facebook: Wiley Phillips

Place your bet on how many cougars you think roam past this trail camera in Idaho.

The cougar, or mountain lion as many call them, are solitary animals. So when more than one is spotted together, you are most likely seeing an adult female and her cub(s), which remain with her for as long as two years.

This cool trail camera capture, which was shot in Idaho by Wiley Phillips, shows a procession of cougars working their way down a ridge and along a well-worn trail. It's certainly a thrill to capture one cat on your cam, so it must be pure elation to record this many!

Here's the video:

Wiley Phillips has a page called @Idaho_Tines on Instagram, and this is one of the videos he got on one of his trail cams. Not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 mountain lions! Don't see that everyday!Idaho Tines on Facebook:

Posted by Michelle Phillips on Monday, September 11, 2017

Did you count four? Pretty incredible, right?

For many outdoor folk, the cougar is one animal most fear coming face to face with. Any guesses as to how many fatal cougar attacks have occurred in North America? You can find that answer here (it's not as high as you might think).

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Count the Cougars in This Eye-Opening Trail Camera Vid