mountain lion and skunk

Mountain Lion and Skunk Square Off at the Dinner Table

A road kill deer carcass means a free-for-all buffetbut not every animal is partial to company at the dinner table.

Step right up and place your bet. In the blue corner, weighing in at 10 pounds... Stinky Skunk! Over in the red corner, weighing 140 pounds... Mad Man Mountain Lion! Now let the games begin.

This incredible footage, captured by resource staff at Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area in Wyoming, shows an odd couple showing up for a free meal - namely, a road-kill deer. At first glance, choosing a victor seems like a done deal. The size, strength, and carnivorous instinct of the mountain lion should be no match for a skunk. But, as we know, our striped friend has one weapon that trumps most. That's if it can get a spray in.

Watch to see how this standoff ends:

Did you win? The move is quick, but if you watch closely, the skunk turned with lightning-quick speed to shoot a spray right in the face of the mountain lion. (You can also see the residual spray wafting toward the camera.) That's all it took for him to leave the table hungry.

In the animal kingdom, brawn doesn't always come out on top, certainly not when you're up against an opponent with the ring name "Stinky Skunk."